Petticoat Lane

petticoat-lane1Petticoat Lane is a second hand clothing shop, where people, for a small amount, can buy clothes. The clothes hang washed and clean for presentation and there is a fitting booth. The store is run with a lot of enthusiasm by volunteers. Proceeds go back to charity , so more people can benefit from one goal.

The Liteacy Project


The literacy project is a project where children with a learning problem from Nemato from January 2014 onwards are supported with special books to learn how to read and write. First in their own language then in English. The lessons are completely free of charge and are run by a volunteer of the Rotary in Port Alfred.

Through donations the Nemato foundation bought the material to run the project. Next to this we were able to buy a Wendy house which is used to teach the children in.
In March the chairperson of the Netherlands Ellen Fober will report back on the results after her visit to the project.


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