From 1-1-2019 we decided to stop placing volunteers at our projects due to organisational problems.













Volunteers are very welcome at our projects. You can decide for yourself how long you want to stay and which project you want to work at. We have kept the costs of the volunteering low, and the costs will cover your stay, the transport from and to the airport by the reliabel company Lets Go Tours, transport to the projects and your  support of the great staff of Child Welfare Port Alfred.

You will stay at a B&B  in Port Alfred ( including breakfast ) or in a appartment in town ( selfsupporting). In Alexandria you will stay in a B&B, here you can add full board on your stay.

In Port Alfred we work together with Child Welfare and in Alexandria with Jennifer and Brent Dorr, who coordinates and leads the volunteering on the spot.

The Nemato Foundation Netherlands finds it important that our volunteering programs adds value to the projects and the individual lives of the children involved. Therefor we highly appreciate it when you ask yourself the question what can I add to the project?Think about a tooth brushing project, education about hygiene, sports, creative activities and so on.

To work at the preschools and the literature project, Ellen together with the volunteers who were present in February 2015, have attended a workshop organized by Renee Lighton Education from Cape town. The Nemato Foundation Netherlands has bought three books and a DVD so that the volunteers can prepare themselves for the volunteering.

In the weekends there is time to explore the beautiful surroundings and for example go on a safari in the Addo Elephant Park , Sibuya or Kariega Game Reserve (Malaria free). Through the collaboration with local partners we can organise some nice activities during your time off.

For more information you can contact Ellen Fober at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Some of our projects where we can place volunteers

Hous visits with Child Welfare

vrijwilligers huisbezoeken1vrijwilligers huisbezoeken2Volunteers get the opportunity to work together with Child Welfare to go on (unannounced) house visits. In this way they can get a good view of the (home) situation of the children and the volunteers can get a look at the Nemato Township and the great work Child Welfare does in Nemato and surroundings.

Foster Home Port Alfred

vrijwilligers proj fosterhome portalfred1The Foster Home Port Alfred is a project of Child Welfare. The Foster Home is divided into two separate houses, in each house six children are placed and cared for by, foster mother. Normally the composition of the groups of children changes constantly, though the children who are there now will stay until they turn eighteen. The ages vary from three till fourteen years old.

Pre school

2015 03 27 Pre school vrijVolunteers are welcome at thee preschools in the Nemato Township to assist the teachers with the overcrowded classrooms. To prepare you for the work at the preschool, the Nemato Foundation has bought three books and a DVD from Renee Lighton Education after attending the workshop in February 2015 for teachers and others who were interested. Renee explains how you can work with (disposable) materials to teach the children and to make teaching more interesting and appealing.

School for children with a disabillity, Enkuthazweni

Kinderen enkuthazweniAt Enkuthazweni children with a disability from the Nemato Township get classes. As a volunteer you can assist the teachers with their lessons and also give one on one attention to the students. Recently they have built a Skills Centre next to Enkuthazweni and we hope this Centre will be used in the near future so that the volunteers can assist there as well.
Also, on Enkuthazweni’s premises,a daycare center for children with multiple disabilities will be realized in the near future (Project Nemato Foundation). When this is up and running volunteers will also be welcome to help out here.

Literacy project

vrijwiligers literatuurprojectThe literacy project helps children in the first class of the primary school with their first introduction to basic skills. The children in need of extra assistance will be identified by the teacher and they will get tutoring by driven volunteers. The education in these schools in South Africa is often not up to standard due to the fact that there is a lack of teachers. The volunteers of the Nemato Foundation are welcome to help out at this literacy project. For this project they can also use the books and DVD from Renee Lighton Education to prepare themselves already at home.

Soup kitchen Port Alfred

Soup kitchen Port Alfred provides the poorest of the Nemato Township with a hot meal. In the morning volunteers will sort out all the food and they will make soup and omelets. After that they will go along to transport and distribute the food to and in the Nemato Township. Families and projects most in need are identified by the soup kitchen. They do this three times a week.
soepkeuken sorterensoepkeuken jongensoepkeuken auto

Masakhane Educare Centre

Masakhane Educare Centre is a daycare for children from the ages 0 to 5 years old, divided in two groups. They offer care and activities to the children, the children will get food at the projects and take a nap during the afternoon. Volunteers can also add a lot at this project.

eten verdelen masakhane  kinderen slapen masakhane  Kinderen Masakhane

JJH Foster Home Alexandria

vrijwilligers JJH Alexandria1vrijwilligers JJH Alexandria2vrijwilligers JJH Alexandria3







The JJH Foster Home in Alexandria is taking care of 80 to 100 (orphan/AIDS/foster) children. It is a large space with a big foster home. In March last year they opened two other foster houses on the premises where one foster mom lives with each six children. This is the ideal situation and they want to build more of these houses on their grounds. Volunteers are welcome to give the children some more attention, by playing games, drawing, painting and so on. All the attention is highly appreciated. You have to be able to handle situations with lots of children who all want your attention at the same time, it is always really busy.


Projects in the township in Alexandria

vrijwilligers project Alexandria1vrijwilligers project Alexandria3

vrijwilligers project Alexandria2











Together with Jennifer and her husband Brent, a missionary couple from America with their three children owning the Bed and Breakfast in Alexandria where our volunteers stay, you will go to their projects. They have set up an after school center and Jennifer gives education to teenage girls about pregnancy, AIDS prevention and so on. Jennifer can also provide you with a program for the weekends when you have some time off, for example to go to the Addo Elephant Park. 

100j educate children

volunteers not paid


We work together with the reliabel organisation Lets Go Tours for the transport of our volunteers.

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