website Foster Home port AlfredDuring our last visit  in October/November, Nemato Foundation became heavily involved in the welfare of the children of the foster home Port Alfred, a project of Child Welfare Port Alfred. In the 2 houses at this time 10 children ( age from 3-15)  are living with their 2 Foster Mothers. The children can stay untill they reach the age of 18.

The contribution from the Government has stopped and so together with Child Welfare the plan is created to financial adopt these children. Nemato Foundation offers this oppertunity from 1-1-2016. Already 4 children are financial adopted by some of our volunteers. If someone is interested to adopt or wants more information about the subject, please email Ellen Fober ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

We also organized some activitys for the children during our stay. On a saturday afternoon we face painted the children and took them to a indoor playground in Port Alfred where they could play for 2 hours. It was so great to see that the kids enjoyed themselves so much!! After the playing we went to Spur for a nice meal together. The youngest of the children was so exhausted that he felt asleep before the meal arrived.
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Also in 2016 the Nemato Foundation will continue to treat the children for a visit to the indoor playground. The kids need it so much.

Disco JJH Foster home Alexandria

Disco at JJH Foster HomeAt 6-11 we organized again a disco at JJH Foster Home Alexandria.We all danced outside on the large property and had a great time. The great DJ Carlos Cruiz made it to a happening we will never forget. All the kids and staff and also volunteers of Nemato Foundation enjoyed themselves very much.

Donation soupkitchen

SoupkitchenAt wednesday 28 of October we could offer a cheque of R30.000 to the soupkitchen Port Alfred. The volunteers of the soupkitchen provides the poorest people in township Nemato with bread and warm soup. Twice a week they drive with a bakkkie to divide the food in the township. And they never forget the little ones. The volunteers of Nemato Foundation are always welcome at the soupkitchen to assist when they come from Holland to support the projects of Nemato.


opening dagopvangAt wednesday 4 November the daycare for disabled children on the property of Enkuthazweni was official opened. There were prayers, singing and speeches held by people of Social Development, Gunther Johannsen, treasurer of Nemato Foundation and many others. It was a great event and all the visitors were treated to a lovely lunch. 

We hope that the daycare will start in the beginning of 2016 to help the disabled children, but alsoto relieve their mothers.

Daycare Disabled Children

dagopvang gehendicapte kinderen

Our main project of this year is the daycare of disabled children of township Nemato. This daycare will be situated at the property of the disabled school Enkuthazweni.

Ellen Fober has given the go-ahead for construction in February this year. For this project the organisation Wild Geeze works together with Nemato Foundation Netherlands.



dagopvang gehandicapte kinderen1


The daycare for disabled children ( and wheelchairs and other equipments ) is very necessary, at this time most of the children are only staying in and around their homes.


Painting in America

schilderij kyle

 The painting of sleeping Kyle of JJH Foster Home Alexandria, made by Ellen Fober is at this very moment displayed in beauty salon Amore at Kalispel, United States of America, where it will be auctioned.  The money collected by the auction, will benefit the children of JJH Foster Home Alexandria.


Holiday Weekend Boknes

vakantieweekend boknes 2015 projIn February 70 children and staff of JJH Foster Home Alexandria and 3 volunteers of Nemato Foundation Netherlands were invited to join a holiday weekend at Boknes.A relaxed weekend for the children and staff, they can play games, go to the beach and more, all to have a great time. It is wonderful to see the kids enjoy themselves so much. In October we will go again to Boknes with the kids and with volunteers from Nemato Foundation Netherlands. We  invite the kids twice a year. We always have a great time together.

At 16,17,18 October the second holiday weekend at Boknes was organized and like in February and the year before, it was again a big succes. All the kids, staff and 2 volunteers of Nemato Foundation enjoyed their weekend at the beach.


INGUBO Children's Haven

 2015 03 27 Ingubo veiligeplek projINGUBO iwas established in 2006. It is an organisation to keep children away from the dumpsite and streets. They provide a safe place for them to play and learn and the oppertunity to go to school. Because of this the children  have a better future perspective. INGUBO wants to be a place where children are able to be children again.They give the children ( at this moment 36 children, ranging from the age of 4 to 22 years of age) a safe environment after school to play and learn. 

2015 03 27 Ingubo

 We support INGUBO  providing school uniforms when necessary and we support them with food, so that the children can have at least one healthy meal a day.


INGUBO schooluniforms

schooluniformenA requirement for a child to attend school is to wear a school uniform. Because of the fact that most of the kids who are coming to INGUBO lives in the poorest parts of the Nemato township, there is no money for school uniforms.

In February we were very happy to be able to provide 15 kids with school unifirms and shoes.


INGUBO Wendy House

wendiyhouse schilderenAt the property of INGUBO the Wendy House, once donated by the Nemato Foundation, had to be painted.

This job was done by 3 volunteers of the Nemato Foundation Netherlands. They were the first volunteers on the volunteers traject of Nemato Foundation Netherlands in association with Child Welfare Port Alfred.

There was even an article in the newspaper  "Talk of the Town" about the painting and  the support of Nemato Foundation Netherlands.


INGUBO foodsupply

2015 03 27 proj InguboBecause there are not enough funds to feed all the 36 children, Nemato Foundation Netherlands decided to support INGUBO by supplying a daily warm meal throughout this   year .


Mama Puhmla and mama Rose, the great supervisors at INGUBO are very happy with the extra supplies.

100j educate children

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