A new, exciting project that we came across “accidentally”!
In November 2016, we were asked to donate cricket nets for the youth of Nomzamo Secondary School. While visiting the school we decided to fulfil their needs, because we believe that sports is very beneficial for youngsters, especially the ones from Nemato.
During our follow up visit in February 2017, we went to check up on the progress and to meet coach Gareth Mitchell, who will also become the teacher of the newly formed cricket team “Nomzamo Wolves”.
After a fruitful meeting, we decided to donate new equipment altogether in order to provide a proper start-up. The following Tuesday, February 21st, we attended their very first cricket match at Port Alfred High School. The difference between the two teams was undeniable. The Port Alfred High School team presented themselves in beautifully white cricket uniform, while the Nemato youngsters played in their own clothes. Right on the spot we decided to donate a proper cricket uniform as well, so that all teams are equal. They are very proud teens, highly motivated and are therefore up for a brand new start as the new cricket team from Nemato.


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Now when we are at the end of the year we can tell that the Nomzamo Wolves won several matches. The boys are very motivated and practice nearly every day. In October even a second team was formed. They also play in new cricket uniforms with the Nemato logo. Some of the boys of Nomzamo Wolves are also playing now at the Rainbow Warriors with the adults. A succes story!

 2017 12 Nomazmo Wolves

 - Chess

Teacher Gareth Mitchell had the great idea to start a chess club for his pupils. We were very happy that we could help him to realize that. Now the kids are practising every day during the break in the classroom. Their final goal is to join chess competitions between schools.





-  Official playground opening

On Monday, February 27th, the playground on the property of the foster home was officially opened. Beautiful swings, jungle gym, a trampoline, soccer goals and many other parts where the children can get rid off their need for movement in a playful manner.
It was a festive afternoon and the children enjoy their new playground every day when they come home from school.

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- Swimming lessons

The four oldest children from the foster cluster home started their first swimming lessons last year, because we feel that learning how to swim and being in and around water are very important. From January onwards, all children are currently enjoying swimming lessons. In February we could witness how special it is to see even the little ones moving around so freely in water.

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- Mansfield Outing

On Saturday, 18th February we were spoiled with another Mansfield Game Reserve outing. The bus from Stenden University picked us up at 10am. Luckily we had splendid weather: It was sunny and dry. The children, as well as the adults, enjoyed the swimming pool, jungle gym and, of course, the barbecue. We all went on a game drive and that was definitely the highlight of the day for the children. While we had a barbecue, Gambit, the tame giraffe, paid us a visit as well as some ostriches.
Due to changes of the weather we had to return earlier than expected but it was still a very successful day.


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                                                                                                 together watching Gambit, who is huge


-Sewing Machine

In October we also bought a sewing machine for the foster home so that the foster mothers can repair the clothes and also to learn the kids some sewing skills.

Naaimachine 1Naaimachine 2  


- Sports uniform

Winter is on it's way (Our summer time) which is why we donated t-shirts, long sleeve training jackets and pants, which form part of a sports uniform that are used during school sports. 


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We also provide the kids with schoolshoes and schooluniforms when necessary.



-  School Shoes

In January we received a plea for a donation of school shoes for a couple of children at JJH. We are very pleased that we were able to help out. In South Africa it is compulsory to have a birth certificate and wear a complete school uniform when attending school, which includes specific shoes. Luckily we were able to organise the shoes just in time before the new school term started. 

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-  Disco

On February 25th we organised another disco for everyone at JJH – this was the third time in a row. It was such a big party where even the youngest children were seen dancing in full swing! What an opportunity to forget about life for a while!
The awesome DJ, who made all of this possible, is our friend Carlos Cruz from Port Alfred. He enjoyed himself even more at the sight of all the joy and happiness among the children.

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Sadly, Our friend Carlos Cruz passed away on July 6th. We will always remember him as an amazing person with a heart of gold!!! 



- Holiday getaway Boknes

From 17th until 19th March, the children and caregivers of JJH once again enjoyed a little holiday in Boknes. This getaway is organized twice a year so that everyone can leave their worries behind and so that the children can play at the beach. This outing remains special to the children as well as caregivers.


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In the weekend from 6 untill 8 October there was the second trip to Boknes. After a few days of rain, finally the sun came and we had nice weather at the camp. The kids and caregivers enjoyed themselves very much. Beach, sports, games, nice food , forgetting for a few days the normal life.




- Liam and Madison

In January JJH welcomed two babies. One of the mothers lives at JJH, the other mum has left her baby behind. We received a request via Facebook to please help support Liam and Madison with nappies, general supplies and clothing. Luckily we were able to provide all of that. 




IMG 0729

 Mama Rose busy baking bread in the oven that was donated by Nemato Foundation. Just like the year before, we continue to supply a warm meal a day for vulnerable children of the Nemato township.





Skills Centre

New sewing machines for the  Skills Centre

In October we bought 2 new sewing machines for the skills centre in Nemato. Students with a disability learn skills at this Centre. Now they also can learn how to sew.

skills centre1skills centre2

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