Donated Soup Kitchen 28 oct 2015
2015 11 5 Donatie Soepkeuken

Volunteer Meeting 19-4-2015

2015 04 19 VrijwilligersmiddagThe first meeting of the ( past and future) volunteers of Nemato Foundation Netherlands was a great succes.
We shared lots of memories and had a great afternoon together.

Our new Banner

2015 04 15 Banner staand

Thanks to Meggy Stolk (Krommenie) for the lay out, to Leo Theron ( Pretoria) for the photos and Bas Martens (Uitgeest) for the the banner


Great fundraising Vredekerk and Primary school "de Postiljon" Soesterberg

Ellen presentatie vredekerkellen presentatie vredekerk WGellen presentatie vredekerk pub



At  Sunday 22-3-2015 the chairwoman, Ellen Fober, gave a presentation at the Vredekerk at Soesterberg about the several projects of Nemato Foundation Netherlands










Great fundraising at the Vredechurch and primary school de Postiljon at Soesterberg. During the whole year they will fundraise for the daycare of disabled children in township Nemato
At 17/4 they organize a market where the children sell their products they made themselves throughout the schoolyear. We are enormously greatful for their support!


Attention for Nemato Foundation at the Art Auction in Huis ter Wijck at Beverwijk, Netherlands, at 26-1-2014. Chalk drawings of the children of Nemato and JJH Foster Home Alexandria, made by Ellen Fober can be bought.

ellen Ken college1ellen Ken college2


De Huisarts

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